What is DIaaS

DIaaS, or Data Identification as a Service, is a platform as a service, which connect and certify consumer’s data by full GDPR compliant for varied business applications.

DIaaS is a cost-efficient solution for:
Access control
and more…

For Bank and financial industries

For existing customer, who would like to open their bank account in different branches or different entities, enabling KYC cross branch or cross border. DIaaS provides universal Pass which integrate access control, eligibility check and portability features into one application.

For Retailers

Enabling identity validity check, without disclosing any customer personal information. DIaaS provides age, identity and address validation in a single endpoint API.

For Real estate

Enabling access control for different users, including management team, employee, and tenant; Provide digital transformation solution for existing venue booking, property management process, to integrate the same system for different buildings and spaces.

COVID-19 Application

The non-location-based tracking application for accurate Covid19 testing results validation, which can be used for authorities, retail, individuals which not only provide trustworthy results, but also provide individual privacy protection.


Based on privacy-by-design architecture and zero-knowledge proof technologies, DIaaS can enable privacy protection feature on any customer data, including sensitive consumer data.


DIaaS provides the solution to make customer data portable, which improve customer’s user experience by making it more convenient and efficient.


DIaaS’s data validation solution makes all data trail traceable and manageable within the same application.